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Fee waiver update

If you are a student employee, including TAs, working at least 10 hours, you might want to read this update I just got from the university employee union about fee waivers (read: free tuition):

Dear Members,

As you know, we contacted the CSU administration on July 1, 2006 to inquire whether they will implement the Fee Waiver described in the contract. The administration has just responded that it has determined that it will not provide the fee waiver benefit specified in provision 9.1 of the contract in fiscal year 2006/07, despite having received millions more dollars in the 2006-07 State budget than was anticipated at the time the fee waiver language was negotiated in the Agreement. As a result, according to the contract, we will begin bargaining with the CSU immediately over the fee waiver.

We are demanding that CSU provide at least the fee waiver benefit
specified in the contract, because:

1. Raising the compensation of CSU employees to the national standard is an important value to the CSU administration. In October 2005, long before the recent budgetary windfall from the State, the Trustees approved an average salary increase of 13.7 percent for top CSU executives to bring their salaries to a competitive level with the national standard. Providing the Fee Waiver that they agreed to in the contract would help bring ASEs at CSU up to the national standard for Unionized ASEs.

2. On June 30th, Governor Schwarzenegger signed the new state budget which provides CSU with millions more than they anticipated when they agreed to the fee waiver language in the contract.

The contract provides that we will begin bargaining with the administration “on whether [they will] provide fee waivers in fiscal year 2006/07” and that our agreement not to strike during the life of the contract will not apply during these negotiations. We expect to begin bargaining in the next 2 weeks. We will keep you updated as things develop.

For questions or to get involved, contact us at (916) 498-8452.

In Solidarity,
UAW 4123 Executive Board
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